EURECA - European Underground Rare Event Calorimeter Array

The future European dark matter search with cryogenic detectors

EURECA is a planned experiment which will bring together physicists from around Europe to search for dark matter. We aim to directly detect the scattering of weakly interacting massive particles by atomic nuclei, using cryogenic detectors operating at millikelvin temperatures.

EURECA is designed to follow on from the EDELWEISS and CRESST experiments, which have both pioneered the use of cryogenic detectors to set significant limits on WIMP dark matter using small detector masses. EURECA will use this technology with a total absorber mass of 100kg - 1 tonne.

CRESST and EDELWEISS will run through 2015, while the design work for EURECA is carried out. We will then begin construction, aiming to start operation sometime after 2017.

EURECA will be built in the Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane.